Geo Caching

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What is Geo Caching?

GeoCaching is a relatively new sport attracting thousands of players both nationally and internationally. Often described as a “High-tech Treasure Hunt”, it utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) Receivers and the Internet to locate hidden “treasure”, known as the “cache”. GeoCaching is a fun and challenging experience, and is perfect for groups of all ages and abilities. It combines technology and the great outdoors in a unique activity perfect for your Birthday Party or Special Event.



Geocaching is available BY RESERVATION ONLY Wednesdays – Sundays from May until October.  The cost is $45 per person or $40 per person for groups of 12 or more.  The experience usually lasts about 2 hours. Call 610-287-7900 to book!

GeoCaching Race Process
Participants set forth in small teams with a pre-programmed GPS unit containing coordinates. Players follow these coordinates in order to seek out the locations of a series of hidden Caches. In addition to GPS coordinates, players will also be provided a set of physical clues to help them in their quest.

Teammates work together, combining problem solving with outdoor adventure to work toward the goal of locating these hidden caches. Teams race against one another and the clock, to locate the most hidden caches, and return to the home base before the other team.

Points will be given for each Cache located in a specific time frame. Once the clock winds down, players must make their way back to the home base with all the point cards collected. All point cards will be added. Penalty points will be assigned to teams returning late. The team with the most points at the end of the race will be considered the winners.

Types of Courses
Courses can be easily customized for the age and abilities of party guests. The minimum age for participants is 8 years of age, there is no maximum age. There is a party minimum of 10 guests per party, there is no maximum number of guests allowed.

Course Levels:
GeoCaching Course Level 1 – At a lower level of difficulty this course is perfect for groups of first time adventurers, and is appropriate for all ages and experience levels. Caches are hidden on easy terrain.

GeoCaching Course Level 2
– At an intermediate level of difficulty this course is perfect for groups of all ages and adventure levels. Caches are hidden on moderately challenging terrain.

GeoCaching Course Level 3
– At a high degree of difficulty this course is perfect for those adventurers seeking an intense GeoCaching experience. This level is by request only, and is only recommended for experienced individuals.




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