Canopy Tour


The major storm that came through our area on June 3rd caused substantial damage to our canopy tour course. The course will require redesign & construction in order to reopen. Due to the extent of the damage, we will sadly be unable to reopen in 2020. Please check back for updates for the future. We will truly miss zipping through the treetops with everyone this summer.


What is a canopy tour? It’s a series of zip lines and rope bridges and challenges through the trees under the “canopy” or the leaves of the trees. You’ll take the chair lift to the top of the mountain, hike to your starting point and then, harnessed to zip lines, you’ll fly through the air high above the mountain!

Every Zip line has been recalibrated and reinstalled to create an even more thrilling experience.  Despite the peace of mind of having brand new cables (exceeding ACCT/ASTM standards) the ride itself is second to none.  Simply put, you may find longer zip lines at other courses but you will not find faster zip lines anywhere.  Together with our patented braking system Spring Mountain Adventures can take you from 0-60 and from 60-0 faster and with more precision than anyone else.  Remember… we were the first ski area in the country to build and operate a Canopy Tour.  There are many good courses out there (and a few very bad ones) but no one can match our experience nor our passion to provide the best adventure possible for all ability levels.

**Reservations are absolutely required for all Canopy Tours.
Weekend Canopy Tours fill up so book early.

A Word About Safety…

From the time you begin your adventure till you’re back on the ground, your safety is our first priority. Our course was built to exceed ACCT/ASTM standards in challenge course construction. All of our zipline cables and bridge belays are composed of 1/2” galvanized cable with a breaking strength of 24,000 pounds.

Our tree conscious platforms are constructed of fiberglass and steel and are the strongest in the industry. Our exclusive patented braking system was created here at SpringMountain and provides the safest most exhilarating experience possible. Every customer is given a professional harness, steel carabiners, a helmet and double safety lanyards. These are just some examples of how our Canopy Tour surpasses all others in quality and safety.  Although many other courses have tried to duplicate our unique obstacles and ziplines, none have come close.


  • Reservations are absolutely required for all Canopy Tours.
  • Canopy Tours do not go out if the temperature is below freezing or in a consistent rain. If we have to cancel, we will call you. If you do not hear from us, the tour is on!
  • To make individual or group reservations, book online, contact us at 610-287-7900 ext. 100 or e-mail us at:

If you have a certain date in mind and limited flexibility you should book early. Full payment is required to book your reservation if you are booking for less than 12 people.  When booking for 12 or more people, a $500 deposit is required.


Groups of 2 to 20 participants can be taken at one time. Groups larger than 20 will be split into smaller groups. We will combine small groups together and send them out as one large group. Typically, this is a great way to make friends with like-minded friendly people.


  • We operate Friday – Sunday.  Reservations REQUIRED.
  • Tours typically go out at 10:00, 1:00 & 4:00.  On busier days we will add an 11:00 & 2:00 Tour.
  • Date Night and Heart of Darkness Tours typically begin at 7:00 PM.
    Canopy Tours run from May thru mid-November but do not go out if the temperature is below freezing or in consistent rain. If we have to cancel WE WILL CALL YOU!
  • Canopy Tours range from 1-4 hours long with multiple tours running at the same time. The last tour goes out early enough to complete by dusk. Tours leave at scheduled time – please call for daily schedule (changes with season).


Payment is to be made in full to reserve your time slot. To ensure a quality experience, tours are offered by reservation. When you book a tour, we schedule guides and other support staff to be available to make your adventure one you’ll remember. If you fail to meet your appointment, we still incur all the same expenses and may have turned others away. Therefore, those guests who fail to show for a reservation, change their numbers, or cancel without a minimum of 48 hours notice will be charged the full tour price times the number of participants the reservation was originally made for. Additional participants, without a reservation, who arrive with the scheduled group may not be able to participate if space is not available.


Groups of 12 or more must pay a $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve their space. $500.00 deposits are fully refundable if the tour is cancelled 14 days prior to trip date. All deposits are refunded if trip is cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions. If tour is canceled less than 14 days prior to trip date, you must reschedule your date to avoid being charged the full amount due for all participants. The balance of your group payment will be due upon arrival at Spring Mountain on the date of your group outing. Final payment may be made using: Cash – Corporate Check – VISA or MasterCard – American Express.


We will not run tours in storms, high winds, or thunder and lightening. It is important to remember that foul weather in your area does not necessarily mean foul weather here at Spring Mountain. Please call first if you have concerns about the weather. We will call only if we are certain your tour will not run. In some cases, tours may be postponed to allow for weather systems to pass. A summer storm can make for some of the most beautiful conditions and opportunities to see wildlife that may not have been out during the heat of the day. So as not to risk depriving you of the best tour of the week, we are likely to wait and see!
Canopy Tours do not go out if the temperature is below freezing or in a consistent rain.


Tipping your guides is customary. The amount is up to you. Typical gratuities range between 10 and 20 percent of your total tour price. Groups of 12 or more will be charged an automatic 10% gratuity.


All guests are provided with and required to wear a harness and a helmet. Guests are permitted to use their own harness and or helmet so long as it is less than 3 years old, is UIAA/ASTM certified and passes our inspection.  NO BIKE HELMETS! Guests with long hair must securely tie it back to prevent interference with equipment. Guests should wear comfortable clothes and closed-toed shoes. NO FLIP-FLOPS OR SLIDE ON SHOES! Longer Shorts are permitted.  Please check the weather before coming and dress appropriately. Please remove all jewelry prior to the tour. Jewelry and personal possessions should be stored in your vehicle or left at home. We cannot be responsible for personal property lost, damaged, or stolen during the tour. Simple consumer level digital and film still cameras with secure retaining straps are permitted on the tour. Professional photographic equipment and/or video recording devices of any kind are not permitted anywhere on the property without prior written permission.  Be advised that guests will need both hands free to experience the tour. What you bring you also must carry. Food and drinks are allowed but must be carried by the guest in their own backpack for the duration of the tour. No Glass and No Alcohol will be permitted. Guests suspected of being intoxicated will be turned away with no refund.


Canopy Tour Restrictions: The tour is designed for participants of good to moderate health; within a strictly enforced weight range from 70 to 250 pounds (50-250 for the Junior Explorer) and who are able to climb stairs unassisted. Guests who have thighs/quads exceeding 26″ in circumfrence will not fit into our harnesses and thus will not be able to participate. Pregnant women, people with heart, leg, or back problems, or other serious illness are advised not to do the canopy tour. Children ages 6 & up (minimum of 50 pounds) are welcome to enjoy our Junior Explorer Tour with adults or with an adult spectator.  Children, ages 10 to 14 (minimum 70 pounds), are welcome on the full course, when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Children 10 to 14 will be permitted to participate with a friend’s parent or legal guardian or organized group provided their own parent or guardian sends a signed release of liability. Teens 15 to 17 may come alone provided they have a parent or guardian signed release of liability. Although parents are permitted to walk and watch beneath the tour, this is not recommended as it takes away from the tour experience for those on the tour.  Parents who wish to photgraph their children or are concerned about their being alone are encouraged to participate rather than walk beneath them. (Download release form here)

Exceptions to any restrictions are at the discretion of the management.