Spring Mountain Adventures Application for Fall and Winter Season – Lift Operators Must be 18 Years or Older to Apply. All Other Positions Must be 16 Years of Age or Older to Apply.

If applying for a Ski Instructor position, you will be required to take the Instructor Training Course, For More Information Look Under the Lessons Tab of Our Website or (click here for Instructor Training Course information).

Position(s) Applied for:
Haunted House and Hayride

Ticket SalesRentalsParkingSecuritySki PatrolCafeteria

SkiBoardMaintenanceLift Operator (18 or Over)Any

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Open Saturday 2-27 until 9pm. Closed Sunday 2-28 due to rain.  Advance purchase is required for tickets, rental equipment & lessons on weekends & highly recommended on weekdays

Our phones are EXTREMELY busy - we are trying to return calls but please use the website for information before calling. If you would like to reschedule please send an email to info@springmountainadventures.com with the new date. If you want a refund from a day we are closed, please send an email and we will call you as soon as possible. Please be patient - it may take a few days to receive a call. Please leave only one phone message or send only one email. 

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