The Full Monty Tour

The major storm that came through our area on June 3rd caused substantial damage to our canopy tour course. The course will require redesign & construction in order to reopen. Due to the extent of the damage, we will sadly be unable to reopen in 2020. Please check back for updates for the future. We will truly miss zipping through the treetops with everyone this summer.


“The Full Monty” (2 – 3 hours based on a group of 6-12, shorter for less people.)

This tour takes you through the entire course as it was designed to be experienced. As you progress through the course, you will be given many options as to how to complete each challenge. Think of this adventure as a series of rope challenges, rappels and climbs separated by some world class, exciting ziplines. You begin with a few lessons at ground school before boarding the chairlift. Upon reaching the summit of Spring Mountain (no bottled oxygen required) you will scramble thru some granite boulders and climb up to the first platform. From this point on, you will be clipped into our safety system (see more on safety below). From this platform you will begin your descent down three ziplines of increasing speed and intensity. At this point you are up nearly fifty feet off the ground standing on a platform surrounding a giant tulip poplar nearly four feet in diameter. It is from this platform that your first challenge begins, choosing your own level of difficulty you must cross the sixty-five foot Burma Bridge. Now you rappel out of the tree and walk over to our Cargo Net climbing area. Next it’s across the Balance Bridge of Doom and onto another zipline. Following this steep and speedy zip you come to the Vine Traverse Bridge. As always, there are many methods of crossing this bridge ranging from easy to extreme. Now it’s going to really get crazy. You ride down the 280 foot-long zip and thread the needle of trees whizzing by you, just feet away. Average speed on this zip is over 45MPH! Then another even steeper zip and your onto the Tyrolean Bridge. Reach up and grab the rope, pull your legs up and crawl across the traverse upside down for more than 40 feet (remember, you are still safely clipped in BUT you can choose to opt out of the upside down climb). Then you’re on to our Tower Zipline. This screaming 340 foot zip takes you out of the woods and into the top of our Rock Climbing Tower. From here you rappel back to the ground, remove your helmet and celebrate your experience.

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