Spring Mountain Covid-19 Update

For the health & safety of our community & staff, Spring Mountain will comply with the Governor’s order & Montgomery County’s recommendations as they relate to the Corona Virus. Spring Mountain will be closed for this two week period which will effectively end our season for this Winter.

A very heartfelt Thanks to all of our customers and crew. You have made this a fun & rewarding Winter, despite the many weather challenges and now this latest obstacle. Times like this make us focus more on the big picture. Though Spring Mountain means everything to us, there are more important concerns to tackle. Be safe, take care of each other & see you all next season.


212 thoughts on “Spring Mountain Covid-19 Update

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Upper Salford Fire Company MOTHER's DAY FOOD TRUCK MAYHEM has been canceled for Sat May 7 due to rain. Mark your calendars for the FATHER's DAY FOOD TRUCK MAYHEM on June 18!

GRAND OPENING of SMOKEY ISLAND Outdoor Restaurant & Bar Friday 6/17! (Opening Delayed due to new restroom construction!)